Horror and Vampire Autographs

Armin Shimerman Buffy hand signed autographed photo.

Armin as Pricipal Snyder from Buffy the Vampire Slayer...


Mercedes McNab Angel hand signed autographed photo

Nice picture of Mercedes from Angel...


Billie Piper Penny Dreadful hand signed autographed photo.

Very nice image of the talented Billie Piper as Lily from Penny Dreadful...


James Marsters Angel hand signed autographed photo.

Excellent image of James as Spike from Angel...


Kate O'Mara Vampire Lovers hand signed autograph

Beautiful hand signed landscape of Kate from The Vampire Lovers. ..


Tim Curry, Nell Campbell, Patricia Quinn hand signed Rocky Horror autographed photo

This is a great picture although the quality is not brilliant, it is of it's time! The autographs of Tim, Pat and Nell are of course very clear. This is a slightly oversized photo...


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